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5 Essential Tips for Better Waste Management at Home

March 13, 2020

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According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, an average person produces about 4.4 pounds of trash per day. Of these, only one-third (1.5 pounds) is being recycled and composted. This shows that we need to improve in this aspect of waste management as a country.

Furthermore, it is the duty of individuals and businesses to reduce the amount of waste that is produced on a daily basis. From recycling to composting, using reusable bags, reducing plastics and packaging, and so forth, there are numerous waste management techniques we can adopt. Below are some tips for better waste management at home:

Reduce Waste at Home

Actually, most individuals are fond of buying in excess or things they don’t need. Even when we cook at home, there will be leftovers, which are often thrown away. The best way to manage our waste problems is to reduce what we buy or consume. From food to paper plates, cups, and more, we should consider reducing the things we consume in our various homes. Ensure that you are buying what you need. Even when you buy in bulk, store them properly. With this, we can have less waste to deal with.

Recycle Old or Unused Items

Another way to improve waste management at home is by recycling our trash. Recycling waste make it possible to use raw materials in other ways. Fortunately, you can recycle metal, glass food containers, plastics, aluminum cans, cardboard paper, electronics, and more. Also, you can donate your old clothes and items or trade with other families. Appliances can also be recycled. In case you want to recycle, you can take advantage of the numerous curbside and drop-off recycling opportunities in your community.

Compost Food Scraps

As mentioned earlier, food waste constitutes a considerable amount of trash in various homes across the country. Composting food scraps remains an excellent way to better manage food wastes at home. Compost all your food scraps, floor sweepings, leftovers, and so forth. Also, you can compost yard waste to reduce water run-off and enrich the soil.

Use Reusable Shopping Bags

Additionally, plastic bags constitute a large amount of trash in our homes. For better waste management, it is advisable to stop using plastic bags. Rather, you can consider using reusable shopping bags. Luckily, these reusable shopping bags are affordable and available at many grocery stores. Also, they are stronger than plastic bags and better for the environment. Whether you are taking your clothes to the dry cleaner or shopping groceries and supplies at the supermarket, ensure that you use reusable shopping bags.

Reduce Packaging

Finally, you can reduce and manage waste effectively at home by avoiding single-serve packages. Whether you are buying food in bulk or any other item, opt for products with less packaging. Also, instead of plastic packages, use cups and plates that can be washed after drinking or eating. Even when you visit the grocery store, purchase vegetables and stores that are not pre-packaged in plastics and packaging containers.

There you have it! Above are some essential tips for better waste management at home. As an individual or family, you have a part to play in decreasing the quantity of waste placed in landfills on a daily basis. By following the insightful tips mentioned above, you can reduce and manage wastes better in your house. Contact us today at Mass Dumpster Rental to rent a dumpster at an affordable price. With a dumpster, you can collect and manage your debris and waste efficiently.