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Mass Disposal Services is Massachusetts’s number one waste management company. Whether you need a dumpster at your house, an office, a construction site, or elsewhere, if you are located in Massachusetts, we can usually get you one in under 24 hours. Our dumpster rental service is superior to that of our competitors because we use dumpsters that are friendly for residential communities and safe for driveways. Our dumpsters are perfect for getting rid of junk, household waste, roofing, shingles, dirt, concrete, and more.

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We have a large fleet of dumpsters, and multiple locations across Massachusetts, allowing us to provide some of the best prices in the state. Our pricing is always transparent: on your first call with us you’ll learn everything you need to know about your rental, so we can get it to you as soon as possible. Call us today for a free quote, and before you know it, you’ll be set up with one of our dumpsters for one low, flat rate.

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One thing that separates us from our competitors is our top notch team of customer service personnel. Our goal is for our customers to feel that they are our number one priority, because you are! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask we will be happy to answer your questions and set you up with the dumpster rental that’s right for you. Whether you are renting one of our dumpsters for a home renovation project, a large construction project, or a clean-out, once you speak with us you’ll understand how a premiere dumpster rental company operates.

Types of Dumpster Rentals

There are two main kinds of dumpster rentals: roll off dumpster rentals and front-load dumpster rentals.
Below is a quick description of both:
dumpster in lawrence MA
Roll off dumpsters are the large dumpsters that you see at construction sites and homes. They are called “roll offs” because they simply roll off the back of the dump truck. Imagine that! Our roll off comes in 10, 20, 30, and 40 yard sizes. While the container might be called a “40 yard dumpster,” a container half the size of a football field is not actually showing up to your door. “Yard” in this case, refers to the cubic yards of waste that a dumpster can hold. Our largest dumpsters are around 22 ft. long, but they get taller the larger the roll off.
front load dumpster in Brockton
Front-load dumpsters are the dumpsters you commonly see outside of restaurants, schools, apartment buildings, and businesses. Also known as “commercial dumpsters,” because they are often found at these businesses, they are considerably small than roll offs. They usually come in 3 yard, 6 yard, and 9 yard varieties, with some variation in between. These dumpsters are usually left on a property for months at a time as they are used regularly, and then they receive regular service to dispose of the trash that has accumulated.

How Dumpster Rentals are Priced

When you call to order a dumpster, a few factors affect your final price: the size of the dumpster you need, how long you need it, how much debris you are putting in it, and what kind of debris you are putting in it. Here is how each of those factors affect the final price:
Dumpster Size

The larger the dumpster, the more your rental will cost, because it increases the fuel, transportation, and dumping costs of our hauling team. We carry dumpsters in the following sizes at most locations: 10 yard, 20 yard, 30 yard, and 40 yard.

Rental Length

In most of our locations, we provide a six day flat rate for your dumpster rental. If you need the dumpster for longer than that, there is usually a low daily rate for each additional day. Simply give us call to find out the exact rates for your area. If you want to schedule a regular dumpster service, get in touch and we will set you up with one of our monthly plans.

Amount of Debris

Each dumpster has a weight limit as the container can only hold so much debris. Additionally, after we take the dumpster away, we take it to a landfill or recycling center, that charges a dump fee for disposing of the waste. The more waste there is, the higher the dump fee. Depending on the dumpster size you select, you will have a certain amount of tons included with your rental, and a specific rate for any tonnage over that limit. Dump fees vary by area, so speak to one of our customer service representatives today and they will give you your quote and included tonnage over the phone.

Type of Debris

Certain types of debris are easier to dispose of than others. For example, household debris is actually quite difficult to throw out, because it often has to get sorted before disposal so that the various materials are properly disposed of. If your dumpster entirely composed of one single material, like dirt or concrete for example, then that is called a “clean load,” and it is easier to dispose of than a “mixed load,” which is a dumpster containing multiple types of materials. Extremely heavy loads, such as dirt, brick, concrete, or stone, must also be communicated to your customer service representative ahead of time, so that we can get you the proper dumpster and truck to handle that size load. In general, more complex, and heavier loads, will increase the cost of your rental, but this will be communicated to you upfront.

Roll Off Dumpster Sizes

Here at Mass Disposal we offer a variety of convenient dumpster sizes fit for any size project. Here is a quick rundown on our most common dumpster sizes and their best use cases:

10 Yard Dumpster

A 10 yard dumpster is typically 14 ft long, 7.5 ft wide and 3.5 ft high. These containers are useful for small household projects such as clean-outs, small renovations, and to dispose of small amounts of construction debris. Their small size allows them to easily fit in most driveways and spaces, making them a convenient choice for homeowners.

20 Yard Dumpster

20 yard dumpsters are 22 ft long, 7.5 ft wide, 4.5 ft high. These dumpsters can generally still fit inside a driveway, but they hold much more material than a 10 yard container. These bins are great for roofing projects, small demolition projects, larger clean-outs, and construction projects.

30 Yard Dumpster

30 yard dumpsters are 22 ft long, 7.5 ft wide, and 6 ft high. These large containers are ideal for home renovation projects and larger construction projects as they usually come with a higher weight limit.

40 Yard Dumpster

A 40 yard dumpster is a truly massive container, usually coming in at 22 ft long by 7.5 ft wide by 8 ft high. These are usually only used for the largest of projects, such as huge construction jobs, demolition projects, and the like.

Service Area: Boston & Greater Massachusetts

We provide service to greater Massachusetts, and operate in all counties.
We have been providing greater Massachusetts with dumpster rentals for years, so if you are anywhere in the state, give us a call and we will be able to service you.
If you happen to be in the greater Chicago around, give our partners at Dumpster Rental Naperville a call!

Dumpster Rental Frequently Asked Questions

You can put nearly anything in the dumpster, except:
  • automotive fluids or oil
  • flammable materials
  • medical waste
  • hazardous materials or chemicals
  • tires
  • refrigerators
  • car and lithium batteries
Note that this is not an exhaustive list, but this covers most prohibited items. Feel free to throw in household junk, brick, asphalt, concrete, construction debris, and yard waste. Note that some of these heavier materials have fill amount restrictions to avoid overfilling the container. This ensures that our dump trucks are able to lift the dumpster and cart it off your property. If you have any questions, just give us a call!
Yes! If you need another dumpster, we can either pick up the one you currently have, empty it, and bring it back, or we can bring you another, if you have enough room on your property.
Never! All fees and charges will be discussed with you when you order your dumpster and delivered in writing. Be sure to stay within the stated limits of your rental and you will pay the low flat rate as promised.
All of our flat rate dumpster some with a 6-7 day rental period, depending on your location. You can feel free to keep the dumpster for longer, and we will extend your rental period for an affordable price.
Simply give our team a call at least one business day before you’d like the dumpster to be picked up and we’ll schedule your pickup right away. Simple as that.

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